Tournament Rules 2020


Playing Rules

1. All games will be played under FIBA rules with the following exceptions:
2. The organising committee’s decisions are final in all matters and may change or alter any rule or regulation on the day to benefit the smooth running of the tournament.


3. It is the team’s responsibility to be warming up on centre court/ side line at the half time stage of the previous game. Published times are the latest start time of the proposed start time but games may start earlier if time permits.
4. Failure by a Team to be ready to start a game on time can result in a default and the Game being awarded to the opposing team.
5. All Games Must Be Completed within the allocated 55 MINUTE Time Slot (see note re Running Clock below).

Game Timing

a) Each Game will consist of 4 No. 6-Minute Quarters – STOP CLOCK
b) 2 No. Time-Outs permitted per Game (Time-Out = 1 minute) (One in 1st half and One in 2nd half)
c) 3 Minute Warm Up before games & Half Time will be a maximum of 2 minutes
d) All Games must be completed in the 55 MINUTE Time Slot. In the event of a game running late, the Games Commissioner may make a decision to Run the Clock for a portion / all of the Third & Fourth Quarters.

Tied Games

6. In the event of a tied game, the five players ON THE COURT for each team will shoot one free throw each with the team scoring the most baskets being deemed winners. If the game is tied after each team has taken their free throws, the game will be decided on a sudden death shoot out with players taking free throws in the same order as the initial shoot out.

Fouls & Free Shots

7. Players will be disqualified after 4 Personal Fouls in any match.
8. Teams will be in ‘Team Foul’ penalty in each Quarter, once they reach 5 team fouls.

Pool Leagues

League Tables will be used to determine the Play-off make-up for Sunday.
9. Each Team will play a minimum of 2 league games on the Friday / Saturday of the Tournament and at least 1 game on the Sunday.
10. League positions and subsequent entry to Cup, Plate and Final Position Games are decided by league position, league points and if necessary score difference.
11. Teams will be awarding 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss and no points are awarded for a forfeit or default. If 2 teams are tied on league points then the result of the games involving the 2 teams will resolve the tie. If 3 teams are tied on league points, then a classification is set up which only takes account of the results of the tied teams. Overall League Stage Positions are determined by points difference calculated for each team.

Sunday – Semi Finals & Finals

League Tables will be used to determine the Play-off make-up for Sunday.
12. The Schedule of Games for the Sunday Playoffs will be distributed at the Gala Dinner and published on the Galway Masters Facebook Page on Saturday Evening the 7th of November on completion of all League Games.

Player Eligibility & Conduct

13. Players are ONLY permitted to play/register for ONE TEAM in each Age Bracket Competition within the Masters Tournament.(players can play in different age brackets)
14. Age Limits for the 2020 Tournament are that all Men & Women playing in the Men’s & Women’s 40s Tournament must be at least 40 by 31st of December 2020. (The 2 over 35 players on the ladies teams must be 35 by the same date.)
Men & Women playing in the 50’s Tournament must be at least 50 by 31st of December 2020. (The 2 over 45 players on the ladies teams must be 45 by the same date.)
Players in Men’s 60s Tournament must be at least 60 by 31st of December 2020. (The 2 over 55 players must be 55 by same date.)
15. FRESH PLAYER RULE-: Teams cannot add new players to their squad on Sunday. A player must be listed on Game Score sheet on Friday or Saturday to be eligible to play on Sunday.
16. All Players must provide their Date of Birth. Proof of age may be requested and the playing of underage players may result in immediate disqualification. (The organising committee is entitled to request proof of age from any team in the tournament)
17. In the event that a team is short of players, making them unable to continue to participate, the team can make representation to the Management Panel to request a relaxation of the Player Eligibility rule. This may be considered in exceptional circumstances.
18. It is expected that all players conduct themselves in the spirit of master’s basketball. Failure to so may incur disciplinary action. Galway Masters Basketball WILL NOT Tolerate abuse of referees or officials AND any such abuse will result in immediate player disqualification & possibility of future ban on playing in GMBA tournaments.
19. If a player is ejected from a game for any of the following offences – accumulation of two technical fouls, fighting, unsportsmanlike fouls/ conduct or violent fouls, said player will be disqualified for the next game and depending on offence may be disqualified by the Management Panel for the remainder of the tournament.

Management Panel

The Management Panel will consist of Tournament Directors, Venue Manager & GMBA Committee. The Panel will resolve all matters referred to it, which are not covered by the Tournament Rules, whether they are operational, disciplinary, or management matters.

Our tournament is only possible with the generous support and contribution of our sponsors, volunteers, referees and officials. Thank you!